Zebrafinch Certificate of Sale

Advice from an experienced breeder :

"You should encourage zebrafinch breeders to sell birds with a pedigree sheet, even "homemade" with phenotypic color indications, guaranteed litter colors, possible litter colors .... And the same information on parents. ... And display in your breeding, in gold lettering (or in paint) above the breeding batteries "A COMPETITION BIRD MUST HAVE A CHARACTERISTIC PHENOTYPE OF THE MUTATIONS THAT MAKE IT UP and KEEP THE TYPE OF THE ZEBRAFINCH !"

In order to improve traceability and reduce unpleasant surprises during mating, here is a model of the zebrafinch transfer certificate :

  • File name: Certificat of sale zebrafinch
  • Size: 53 KB

Overview :

Certificat of sale zebrafinch


Tony Lombard, amateur breeder of selection.
Article published in 2019.


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