The foniopaddy

1. Nutritional composition

Nutritional value per 100 gr :
Crude protein 9 gr; Carbohydrate 75 gr; Fat 1.8 gr; Crude fiber 3.3 gr; Crude ash 3.4 gr.

Mineral value per 100 gr :
Calcium 44 mg; Phosphorus 177 mg; Iron 8.5 mg.

Vitamins per 100 gr :
Thiamine (B1) 470.5 mg; Riboflavin (B2) 100.1 mg; Niacin (B3) 190.9 mg.

Amino acids :
2.5% cysteine; Leucine 4.1%; Leucine 11.4%; Lysine 2.5%; Methionine 4.5%; Phenylalanine 6.3%; Threonine 3.7%; 1.6% tryptophan; Tyrosine 3.5%; Valine 5.5%.

Energy value : 1541 KJ

2. Study and effects of the seed

According to the links below, research has shown that foniopaddy has an anti-coccidiosis effect.

- Le foniopaddy
Fonio paddy, une graine miracle ?

3. Opinions, advice and observations

I have been distributing foniopaddy in my zebrafinch breeding since 2015, I let you know about my feedback below.

The effect of this seed is characterized by drier and reduced droppings (of smaller sizes).
At the beginning, most zebrafinch do not eat this seed, you have to let them discover it by mixing it for example with the breeding mash or sprinkling it on the mixture of seeds (every day, because the foniopaddy is a small seed that will go quickly to the bottom of the feeder) for 1 to 2 weeks. Then I leave the foniopaddy for free distribution all year round in buckets.
I also distribute it daily during feeding, placed above the breeding pie. I also find it advantageous at weaning, its small size makes it easier for young people leaving the nest.

I provide them with a quantity of the value of a tablespoon of foniopaddy for 15 zebrafinch every 3 days. However, there is no limit and I have not seen any contraindications since. A large consumption does not cause any problem, it is not essentially either of course. Some zebrafinch consume more than others.

If we look closely at the composition (detailed above) of this seed, it brings elements different from the seeds which generally make up the mixtures that we know.
The cost per kilo (10 to 11 euros) is not negligible. On the other hand I can tell you that even distributed in self-service and given the number / size ratio of the seed in a kilo, the consumption is not extravagant.

Since its incorporation into the diet of my breeding, no case of coccidiosis has been declared. I think that the fact that this seed tightens the tissues and therefore gives a smaller and drier droppings it decreases the chances of this disease breaking out. But do not prevent or vaccinate against coccidiosis.

4. The most likely effects

I advise you to dwell mainly on the text below (from the weight-plume forum, now defunct) to get the best idea of the action of the foniopaddy. He explains for me (by deduction and observations) the real effects of this seed.

Extract from an advertisement extolling the merits of Foniopaddy: "African grass (Uganda), this seed is" known "for its medicinal properties to help fight against coccidiosis and digestive problems."

The marketing that was put in place when it was put on sale on the European market has undoubtedly raised a lot of controversy concerning Fonio Paddy.
It was probably a question of bringing together under one flag the breeders who denigrate the massive use of various medicinal components.

This seed, which is not oil seed, does not certainly contribute to the proliferation of coccidiosis or other disease of our birds in cages and aviaries.
It is however very unlikely that it has a real curative action against one or other of the diseases mentioned. The Fonio Paddy would at most have an astringent (*) power, which has the effect of absorbing the various intestinal and bodily fluids within the seed, thus rebalancing the pH and allowing better recovery of areas weakened by a narrowing of the blood channels within the digestive system, an acceleration of coagulation and healing of internal wounds to finally achieve a slow recovery of the affected bird.

In the event of a proven illness, I can only advise you to identify it as soon as possible and to treat it with adequate treatment.
Of course, an irreproachable hygiene of life for our birds will contribute to their well-being.

Fonio Paddy can be used as a food supplement, which will promote the assimilation of various vitamins, fibers or others by the body due to greater nutritional diversity. Should preferably be served in a sugar bowl.

(*) Medical definition of astringent: An astringent is a substance which causes the contraction of tissues and blood vessels and which stimulates blood clotting.


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