How to keep the eggs together in the nest


If you use this type of nest this trick can be useful.

plastic nest

Last year, a male regularly messed up or removed nest materials. Certainly with the aim of starting another brood.
The bottom of these nests being flat, the eggs were found scattered and therefore a risk of not being incubated was very possible.

So I looked for a solution to avoid this inconvenience. By trying out several types of concave shaped nest bottom, among others those in rope and coconut fiber, by incorporating them into the plastic nest. This male continued despite everything to want to remove these funds !

Then, I tried a white felt concave background that I taped to the nest.

Plastic nest with felt bottom


This agitated male accepted this solution and the eggs therefore always remained in the center of the nest. With a minimum of materials, he could no longer cover the eggs as well.

Here is a photo of the felt nest bottom that you can find for less than 1 euro:

Felt background

On the other hand, last important advice after feedback on this trick : It is preferable to remove the felt nest bottom once the young start to be cramped, especially in cases where the brood is numerous.

Tony Lombard, amateur breeder.
Article published in 2019.

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