Zebrafinch breeder's Day


I chose to describe this day of October 15, 2020 because it is not like the others.
Indeed, it marks the beginning of breeding with the first births of gray zebrafinch in the 2020-2021 breeding season !

Zebra finch birth

Eight pairs of grays mating since September 26 of this year.
Today, 3 couples have had births, 2 couples convent their fertilized eggs and 3 others have to re-lay after a "white" laying. The majority of this year’s breeders are primiparous, I do not hold them against this false start which can turn into an excellent season. As long as I observe well the behaviour of these young future parents (the younger ones are about 11 months old).

  • Distribution of the mash + natural products COMED only to the parents of the day and to those who will re-lay. I add half a bunch of red millet for these, it "warms" them (breeder's language).
  • Distribution of foniopaddy to all, visual control of each tangerine zebrafinch, blowing of seeds in the distributors, they all changed water yesterday (I change it every 2 days in normal times).
  • Change of the wood chips of the 2 small aviaries. Passage of the vacuum cleaner, which has become completely transparent for all.
  • Increase (+30 min) of the lighting time of the LEDs of each cage to reach 14 hours of lighting.
  • Control of the humidity level (important for future outbreaks) of the breeding room: 58%, all is well.
  • And finally, first and delicate feeding (to ensure or complete it) of the 4 newborns. For a good start and avoid premature losses.

Zebra finch feeding

Encouraging start to breeding, the birds are calm and assiduous.

Tony Lombard, amateur breeder of selection.
Article published in 2020.

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