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My passion for bird breeding has been passed down to me from father to son. Indeed my grandfather, of Italian origin, raised pigeons and canaries for his pleasure. His children, including my father, also have or raise birds.
Later, one of my uncles sent me a photo (below) from 1970 where we see my proud great-grandfather and grandfather in front of their dovecote. A dovecote that had been built on the grounds of the house where I was born.

Origin passion Tony Lombard

I spent my childhood at Coulogne, a small town known for its many pigeon farms, the "Colombophiles Coulonneux". After a youth “bathed” in the breeding of birds of all kinds, I discovered at 12 years old the different colors of zebra finches in books. A little later, around 14 years old, I had the chance to meet near my home a zebra finch breeder known for his multiple titles of world champions in exhibition. He taught me the basics of genetics, gave me my first show zebra finch, etc. What motivated me to go further !
Today, I specialize in the breeding of gray zebra finch and gray black breast. I always marvel at the birth of baby birds, which represents life… I also love everything that this passion teaches me: Patience, perseverance and humility. Qualities that seem undeniable to me to progress in the selection of strains.

Driven by the desire to share, I previously created a discussion forum which was dedicated to zebra finches: Zebra finch Evolution. This forum was made up of a community gathered around the same passion. Built with patience, with fellow breeders: Aurélien, David and Loïc, we had enriched, responded to, managed this space which has helped beginners and more experienced for nearly ten years.
I wanted to continue to make this bird known, to pass on our knowledge to breeders and future breeders through a site: Zebra finch of the Scarpe Valley.

Gray female zebra finch

This specialized site is based on the experience acquired after several years of breeding. Friends, renowned breeders, have joined this initiative to pass on their knowledge. It also tells of the life and evolution of my breeding amateur.
Here you will find everything that can help the zebra finch breeder. Like many in-depth articles that explore all aspects of animal husbandry, answers to frequently asked questions featuring a host of tips, quizzes. As well as the life of my breeding in photos presenting the zebra finches that compose it, the installations and especially albums making follow the evolution of each breeding season. You can also view important moments and periods such as preparation for breeding, special moments, etc.

Zebra finch breeder

My wish is that Zebra finch of the Scarpe Valley can contribute to the success of the domestic breeding of our fantastic zebra finch.
New content will enrich the site, follow it regularly !

Dear enthusiasts, see you soon.
Sincerely, Tony Lombard

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