The mindset of a breeder


Through several media, we sometimes read statements or the establishment of what one might call "cooking recipes" concerning the breeding of our zebrafinch.
I think that of a general nature these can mislead us and even prevent real progress. It is therefore always a shame to want to freeze certain rules without foundation and constructive spirit in this way.

What is the state of mind of a true breeder, worthy of the name !?

We have a great passion, this is often what I am told when I present it to neophyte friends.
It takes a lot of time, sometimes investment in our lives .. If we want good results in breeding. We each have a sometimes different vision of the bird we are trying to achieve through our patience and perseverance which can sometimes be counted in years.

A passion where there are no ready-made recipes as there are so many parameters. Making the experience, the observation of breeders the main base.
We will agree that this happens above all in the breeding room, in front of the birds and that the results do not come like fast food! Impatient or follower of "I want / have" to abstain.

Zebra finch breeder

A breeder, a real one. With great patience and cultivating humility, will in general be discreet and will most often avoid asserting knowing that genetics, selection has countless facets and that there is always something to be done. Learn.


The breeder, who builds, plans, looks after his birds all year round, seeks to constantly improve his strain (s), conditions, etc. Selects by first thinking of the mutation (s) he raises before the sale or the prestige and sees in a champion a satisfaction of the work accomplished, but never finished because most often he is a perfectionist.
This breeder selects as if to achieve an artwork, a goal.

Here is in my opinion, a real breeder! It must be valued and respected.

Tony Lombard, amateur breeder.
Article published in 2019.

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