Where does my passion for breeding birds come from ?


My passion for breeding birds has been passed down to me from father to son. Indeed my grandfather, at the time arrived from Italy, liked to breed canaries for his pleasure. His children: My father and my uncles also have or raise birds (pigeons, straight beaks, canaries, hooks).
I also spent my childhood in Coulogne (France), a small town known for its numerous pigeon farms, the "Colombophiles Coulonneux".

So after a youth "bathed" in the breeding of birds of all kinds, I discovered at 12 years old the different colors of zebrafinch in books. A little later, around 14 years old, I was lucky enough to meet a zebrafinch breeder near my home known for his multiple world championship titles on display. He taught me the basics of genetics, gave me my first zebrafinch of show, etc. What motivated me to go further !

I love above all what this passion teaches me: Patience and humility. Qualities that seem to me undeniable to progress in the selection of strains.

I created this site to share my experience and sometimes research (mainly in the form of articles), as well as the life and evolution of my amateur breeding.
Without seeking any flattery, I would be very happy to help you in your projects or to exchange positively and constructively with you.

See you soon

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